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for details on registration packages, see first page of 2017 Artist’s Registration Form or click here to read about the opportunities.

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Temporary Work Permit

Bermuda law states that visiting artists wanting the opportunity to sell their work on Saturday, November 18th, 2017 at the Festival Exhibition must have a Temporary Work Permit. We will obtain this permit for you at no cost, but you must provide the following information no later than October 17th, 2017. A Temporary Work Permit cannot be obtained once you are on the island.

Payment Options

Registration and payments are due by October 17th, 2017

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To register please download our forms and email or fax them back to the Bermuda Arts Center, Dockyard, AFTER February 1st.

2017 Artist’s Registration Form. Click this link to download the levels of participation, from “just painting, no transportation needed” all the way to “painting, transportation, dinners, box lunches and more.” We are even able to offer a student rate to students who are under 25 and are currently enrolled in an accredited program (ID required). Find the level that suits you best.

Download our 2017 Artist’s Registration Form. Please note: there are instructions on the form for wiring funds directly to the Bermuda Plein Air account in Bermuda, and we also welcome registrations via credit card. (One Bermuda Dollar equals One US dollar, although there may be a 1% change fee (one cent for every dollar spent) charged, a change rate imposed by Bermuda. Please check with your own card company on policies regarding international charges.)

2017 Bermuda Plein Air Festival Competition and Exhibition Rules – Rules and regulations

2017 Bermuda Plein Air Final Competition and Exhibition Entry Forms (please attach two duplicate labels to the back of each entry)


2017 Quick Art Competition Rules and Regulations

2017 Quick Art Entry Form (Attach two copies to back of submitted work)

2017 Temporary Work Permit– Every overseas artist MUST have a work permit to participate in the Exhibition (where you can sell your work). The Festival will obtain these at no cost to participating artists, but you must fill in the form in order for us to get these permits in advance. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO OBTAIN THIS PERMIT AFTER YOU HAVE ARRIVED IN BERMUDA.

Questions? Want to ask us about any of the options or charges directly? Get in touch:

Phone: 441-234-2809 (Arts Centre Dockyard)
Fax: 441-234-0540 (Arts Centre Dockyard)