Art and Frame Supplies


When bringing your own supplies

All international artist bringing paints, canvas and frames to Bermuda, as they will be for resale (as final, finished pieces), must declare those goods. Those goods will be subject to Bermuda Customs duty at the airport upon arrival. Please have invoices for all supplies you are planning to bring. You will be asked for those invoices in order to determine the value of those goods.

PLEASE NOTE: As you are on a international flight you will not be able to travel with solvents.



Another Option: Travel light and pre-order supplies.



Art Supplies

Our supporting vendor, DNA Shoppe, will be happy to work with you directly to provide your choice of painting supplies and have them bagged and ready for you at the opening reception and registration. This means less luggage for you at the airport and no duty line at the airport.

Here are the contact details and website for your review.  Lexy and Dion Correia, owners of DNA Group, will be more than happy to ensure every detail is taken care of.
tel:  441 747 5359

Hours: 11am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday.
129 Front Street , Hamilton, BERMUDA



Frame Supplies

Our supporting vendor, FrameWorks, will be happy  to work with you directly to create your choice of plein air frames and have them packaged and ready for you at the opening reception and registration. Frameworks will also assist with framing as needed the week of the festival. Contact Denise, Anita or Keely, and they will ensure every frame is perfect!
tel: 441.236.6082

9:00AM – 5:00PM Mon – Sat
Paget Plaza, 163 South Shore Road, Paget