Plein Air Artists of Bermuda

Betty Pogue Connelly

Betty Pogue Connelly International Artist

Betty is from Ottawa, Canada, where she taught the ...

Jackie Stevenson

Jackie Stevenson Local Artist

Carol Hughes

Carol Hughes International Artist

Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones Local Artist

I was a weaver and now I’m a painter.

Anne Hyde

Anne Hyde Local Artist

With no formal art background, Anne started watercolour ...

Cat Frohloff-Braunwell

Cat Frohloff-Braunwell International Artist

Cat Frohloff Braunwell lives in the picturesque town of ...

Judy Garden

Judy Garden International Artist

  I’ve dabbled in painting over the years ...

Tricia Roberts

Tricia Roberts Local Artist

Abi Box

Abi Box Local Artist

I’m interested in making paintings that sit between ...

Sally Dalrymple

Sally Dalrymple Local Artist

I finished a foundation diploma at Cambridge Regional ...

Charlene Hall

Charlene Hall International Artist

Trained in theatre arts in scenic design and painting. ...

Grahame Rendell

Grahame Rendell Local Artist

Grahame has resided in Bermuda for over thirty years. ...

Suzanne Albert Dickson

Suzanne Albert Dickson International Artist

Suzanne Dickson Albert’s art celebrates the light, ...

Joshua Adam

Joshua Adam International Artist

Joshua Adam Joshua likes to work on location, doing ...

Vickie Norman

Vickie Norman International Artist

Based in Shropshire, England, Vicki Norman received her ...

Christine Mathieu

Christine Mathieu International Artist

Jack Harkins

Jack Harkins International Artist

West Texas and the Southwest is big and bold. It ...

Anne Marvin

Anne Marvin International Artist

Musa Wolcott

Musa Wolcott International Artist

Stephen Burke

Stephen Burke International Artist

 I began my experience in the world of art thanks to ...

Leisa Luis-Grill

Leisa Luis-Grill International Artist

I do not have a formal Art degree. I tend to learn by ...

Tsering Dorjee

Tsering Dorjee International Artist

My name is Tsering Dorjee and I was born as a Tibetan ...

Lee Becker

Lee Becker International Artist

My name is Lee Becker, and I was born and raised in New ...

Brian Coape-Arnold

Brian Coape-Arnold International Artist

I’m a Brooklyn artist. My work is essentially a ...

Daniella Toscanini

Daniella Toscanini International Artist

I want to introduce you to my work as an artist. I work ...

Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones International Artist

  Barbara’s love for art began in childhood; she ...

Lis Baston

Lis Baston International Artist

I have been painting for almost 20 years, starting with ...

Charles Knights

Charles Knights Local Artist

Known to many of Bermuda’s primary school students as ...

Cheryl Hastings

Cheryl Hastings Local Artist

Cheryl Hastings studied art at university in Liverpool, ...

Nicky Gurret

Nicky Gurret Local Artist

Nicky Gurret is a Bermudian architect who loves design ...

Sheilagh Head

Sheilagh Head Local Artist

Sheilagh Head has been painting for many years, most ...

Otto Trott

Otto Trott Local Artist

Otto Trott Born 1954, Bermuda Lives and works in ...

Marian (Armstrong) Thomas

Marian (Armstrong) Thomas Local Artist

I arrived in Bermuda from England in the late seventies ...

Sylvia May

Sylvia May Local Artist

  I started painting when I moved to Bermuda in ...

Poppy Balser

Poppy Balser International Artist

Poppy Balser has always lived very near the ocean, ...

Louisa Calder

Louisa Calder Local Artist

Louisa Calder is a sculptor who loves to paint in oils, ...

James Gorman

James Gorman International Artist

Jim Gorman went to art school at the American Academy ...


Sorgel International Artist

I’m from Arcachon, a small seaside town located on ...

Jill Amos Raine

Jill Amos Raine Local Artist

I was born in England and I arrived in Bermuda in 1954 ...

Judith Davidson

Judith Davidson Local Artist

Judith has painted and exhibited her work for many ...

Michele Smith

Michele Smith Local Artist

Managing Director, OBMI Architecture, Bermuda Michele ...

Eli Cedrone

Eli Cedrone International Artist

I’ve always been influenced by the power of ...

Barb Freda

Barb Freda Local Artist

After studying Spanish and Anthropology at Dickinson ...

Bill Rogers

Bill Rogers International Artist

William Rogers is a Nova Scotia artist working in oil, ...

Marlene Jantzen

Marlene Jantzen Local Artist

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba Bachelor of Fine Arts from ...

Diana Amos

Diana Amos Local Artist

Diana Amos, MFA The landscape, architecture and ...

Shaunagh Butler

Shaunagh Butler Local Artist

Although I trained as a jeweller in London and worked ...

Christopher Marson

Christopher Marson Local Artist

Christopher is one of Bermuda’s most accomplished ...

Steven Masters

Steven Masters Local Artist

For hundreds of years Steven’s ancestors worked ...

Lee Petty

Lee Petty Local Artist

Lee grew up on the beautiful island of Bermuda, where ...

Rhona Emmerson

Rhona Emmerson Local Artist

Rhona has lived all her life in Bermuda, was educated ...

Vivienne Gardner

Vivienne Gardner Local Artist

Vivienne was born in England in 1929 but came to ...